Reasons Realme Uses Unisoc Chipset on HP Entry Level


Lately, Realme has started to frequently use the Unisoc chipset for some of its entry-level phones. Having previously been present on the Realme C21Y and Narzo 50i, this time it's the turn of the Realme C25Y which uses the Unisoc chipset.

The name Unisoc may not be well known by gadget lovers in the country. The chip manufacturer from China is indeed expanding its wings, even displacing Huawei's position in the top five global chipset markets.

Realme's Senior Product Marketing Manager JJ Kwan said that Realme is now cooperating with Unisoc because it wants to open up to other players in the industry and not only rely on big players like Qualcomm and MediaTek.

"If you remember about five years ago everyone wanted to use Qualcomm, and not many wanted to use MediaTek. And Realme was one of the first to introduce MediaTek to our portfolio," Kwan said in a virtual press conference after the launch of the Realme 8i and C25Y, Wednesday (24/11/2021).

"And now more and more vendors are using MediaTek as part of their product strategy. So we wanted to open up to more partners. So we thought Unisoc would be a great alternative for Realme and our fans," he continued.

Kwan added that by opening up and collaborating with other companies as partners, Realme has come to uphold Android values ​​that prioritize openness.

Realme C25Y itself is equipped with the Unisoc T610 chipset. Kwan said this chipset has capabilities equivalent to the MediaTek Helio G80.

Although not the latest generation chipset offered by Unisoc (the T610 chip was released in 2019), according to Kwan, this chipset has been proven to be able to provide a comprehensive experience for entry-level mobile users.

"So the combination of a large battery, Unisoc T610, and of course with 18W fast charging, this combination provides the most balanced experience," he said.

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