The World's First USB-C iPhone X Sold for USD 86,001


Recently, an iPhone X whose charger port was modified to USB-C was auctioned on eBay. Now the phone which is predicted as the 'World's First USB-C iPhone' has been sold at a price of USD 86,001.

The iPhone X with USB-C was created by robotics student Ken Pillonel. Unlike most modified iPhones, this iPhone X with USB-C can still be charged as usual and connected to a Mac without sacrificing performance and physical form.

In his latest video uploaded on YouTube, Pillonel shows how it works by replacing the Lightning port on the iPhone X with USB-C. He originally reverse engineered the C94 connector to take out the Lightning port on the iPhone.

After that, Pillonel created a special circuit board to be inserted into the iPhone. He also had to modify the iPhone X's frame so that the slightly larger USB-C port connector could fit.

After successfully creating the world's first iPhone X with USB-C, Pillonel auctioned the phone on eBay. He stipulates that the winner of the auction must not disassemble its innards or use it as a primary cell phone.

The initial set price was USD 1,000, but the offer Pillonel received immediately jumped. After briefly touching the USD 100,000 (Rp 1.4 billion) figure, the rare iPhone X was finally sold for USD 86,001 (Rp 1.2 billion), as quoted from Gizmodo, Saturday (11/13/2021).

Maybe many consider the iPhone X modified by Pillonel as a fad project. But from the enthusiasm of bidders, this project proves that many people want to have an iPhone with USB-C.

Apple itself could be forced to release an iPhone with USB-C in Europe thanks to new rules set by the European Commission. The regulation requires cellphone and electronic device vendors to use USB-C in their devices in order to reduce electronic waste.

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