12 Ways to Hunt Promo 12.12


Sunday is the perfect moment for Online Shopping Day 12.12. Here are 12.12 promo hunting tips so you don't miss it.

December 12 every year becomes the 12.12 moment. On this Sunday, everyone will be busy hunting for goods online because there will be many promos and discounts.

Maybe you are also included in the shopping today. Many discounts are certainly confusing. Here are the shopping tips that we have compiled.

12 12.12 Promo Hunting Tips:

1. Ensure a fast internet connection

In order for online shopping to be more satisfying, make sure you have a fast internet connection so you don't waste time with a long browser loading. There are various ways you can do so that online shopping can run smoothly and victorious.

If you use an internet connection at home, make sure other residents of the house are not wasting bandwidth by playing games or watching movies, or don't use the internet a lot at the same time. You can also go first to a cafe or other place that is known to have a fast internet connection.

2. Make a wishlist so you don't go crazy

In this digital era, there are many features that can be used to make shopping easier. Before the shopping party takes place, it never hurts to start reviewing the items you want to buy and include them on your wishlist.

The wishlist list can also be used as a feature to create a shopping list so that you don't go crazy and focus more on buying the things you need. In addition, the wishlist will also make it easier for you to monitor prices during and before the 12.12 shopping party takes place.

3. Monitor promos from the start

It has been started since 00.00 WIB, monitor the promotion from the start to get the best offers which are quite limited in number. Therefore, it is highly recommended to set a reminder.

By setting a reminder or reminder, you won't forget to join the 12.12 discount party in the midst of a busy schedule. Your chances of getting the best price will be even greater.

Pay attention to the promotions offered by a number of budget sites that work with your favorite webshop. Usually, frugal sites offer exclusive promo codes or cashbacks that can help you get an additional discount from the total discount at check out.

4. Make sure the merchant's reputation and discounts are real

Ensure that consumers interact with credible online shoppers, with clear identities. Check the reputation via the search engine that the reputation of online merchants is not often complained by consumers. Make sure that the discount given is a real discount, not a fake discount by increasing the price first.

To avoid fraud and unwanted things, always check the rating and review of the store in question. If in terms of price, rating, and the reviews are doubtful, you should look for another shop owner who is more trusted.

5. Check Flash Sale and hunt for coupons

Some online stores do like to hold impromptu Flash Sale. Who knows, you may find the right discount to buy your dream item. How to? You can make your laptop browser specifically to open a tab containing all online stores. It is highly recommended that you go to the 12.12 dedicated page of each e-commerce.

In addition to online stores that sell products, now there is also a website that functions to compare the price of an item from other stores, such as Usually the website has a special page containing a collection of coupons from all e-commerce.

You can use these websites to find all the coupon codes and shopping discounts at 12.12, especially if you don't want to bother opening browser tabs one by one. Easy and fast, right?

6. Research before buying

Classic advice, but often forget when you're crazy shopping online. Keep in mind that sizes S, M, L, and XL for each brand can be different. Don't jump to the conclusion that you'll fit a size M just because you usually buy clothes that size.

Choose clothes in e-commerce that display a complete description including size, bust, and length of the shirt. With complete size information, you can find out whether the clothes fit your body or not.

7. Make sure the seller has a complaint and return system

Ensure that online merchants have a clear complaint handling mechanism. Because one of the main complaints of consumers is the difficulty of consumers accessing complaints if their products have problems.

Don't let the buyer not be able to check directly the goods ordered. Therefore, the return system will guarantee the goods ordered can be received in perfect condition. If the goods purchased have deficiencies or do not meet expectations, the return system will give you the opportunity to return the product to be replaced with another product or a money back guarantee. The return system also gives you the opportunity to return items if you suddenly change your mind.

8. Limit transactions to a certain nominal

To manage spending during the discount season, limit transactions on ATM cards and online banking to a certain nominal. When the total number of transactions has reached the specified limit, then you are forced to stop shopping activities. In this way, you will be saved from shopping frenzy.

9. Re-check the goods before paying

So that shopping is not wasted because of being tempted by low prices, check your groceries again before making a payment. If there are items that don't really need to be purchased at 12.12, then they can be put aside to save on the budget, especially if you have limited transactions to a certain nominal. This will help you shop more carefully and ensure that the items you buy meet your needs.

10. Choose the cheapest shipping service to save money

One of the things that is quite annoying when shopping online is the shipping costs are quite expensive. Especially if you live outside Java, or the distance between the shop owner and your house is like from Sabang to Merauke. The easiest way to avoid postage that strangles the wallet is to choose the cheapest freight forwarder.

11. Always keep proof of transactions

To anticipate things that are not desirable, save proof of transactions such as transfer receipts and conversation history between you and the seller until the transaction is completely completed. If a problem occurs, you can show evidence of the transaction to defend yourself.

12. Keep personal data safe

Consumers should also be aware of the misuse of personal data. Because currently there are allegations of misuse of personal data due to consumers being careless. There are several tips that customers can apply to secure their accounts, including:

Create a password that is complex and difficult to guess

Change password regularly

Keep passwords only for yourself

Disable browser password reminder feature

If possible, always clear the cache in the browser

Be careful of phishing, a method used by hackers to steal passwords by tricking the target using a fake login form (fake login form) on a fake site that resembles the original site.

Those are 12 ways to hunt for 12.12 promo. Happy shopping!

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