8 Free Google Games and How to Play Them


Did you know? It turns out that there are 8 Google games that can be played for free. Gamers do not need to download additional applications if they want to enjoy it. Because they hide their existence, which is usually done in an effort to commemorate a certain celebration.

These games will not just appear on the Google home page. So you need to type keywords according to the title of the game that is presented.

So, what is served? Here are 8 Google games that gamers can play for free, as compiled by us from Google, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

8 Free Google Games:

1. Play Snake

As previously stated, this game does not appear on the main Google page. So in the search field, just type the keyword Play Snake. Then at the top, an image of a snake will appear eating fruit. Then simply press the Play button below it.

Next appears a pop up board that describes the in-game menu. The rest just press the Play button again. How to play it only directs the snake, to eat as much fruit as possible. Through the food, the snake will become long and create your highest score.

2. Tic-Tac-Toe

The way to find this game is similar to Play Snake. You just need to search for the keyword Tic-Tac-Toe in the Google search field. then the order is also the same, namely the image of the game appears. Players are like playing an ancient game, namely SOS. It's just that here, it is depicted with an X and an O.

The objective is to get the same row of symbols to be the winner. Gamers can also choose the level of difficulty, ranging from Easy, Medium and Impossible. In addition, there is a play mode with friends. This can be done, if ineters choose Play Against a Friend.

3. Pac Man

The third game is Pac Man. To find it is very easy. If you can do the same thing before, the game menu will appear.

The next step, players only need to press the Play button. The rules are still the same, which is to eat all the small circles in the arena and avoid the cute ghosts that are trying to catch you.

4. Atari Breakout

For the umpteenth time, Google will take you on a journey of the past, through the game Atari Breakout. Unlike the previous three games, when you type this title, another link will appear. No need to worry, players just press elgoog's url address.

Later it will be redirected to a different page, but still in Google view. His job is to control the board, to keep the ball from falling too far. Also includes aiming the ball to destroy all the boxes.

5. Solitaire

Solitaire offers similar gameplay to the default Windows games. Ineters simply sorts a series of cards from largest to smallest.

How to find Solitaire, can be by entering the title into the Google search engine. When pressing Enter, the menu will automatically appear in the first position of the Google page.

6. Minesweeper

Minesweeper is a single player puzzle game. Where you have to clear the entire area of ​​hidden mines.

Every time you open a new land, a number will appear and you can use it as a clue to avoid bombs. Make sure not to dig into the wrong areas, otherwise all the mines will be unlocked and it's game over.

7. Google Dinosaur Game

As is known, that this game can be played only on Google Chrome and when there is no internet network. But it turns out that it can still be played, when our computer or laptop is connected to the internet. You can enter the keyword Google Dinosaur game in the search engine.

Then press Enter and click the link from elgoog to play it. The game mechanics inserted are pretty straightforward. Because gamers only need to avoid obstacles, such as cactus trees and flying birds.

There are several alternatives you can do, where first use the spacebar to jump. But you can also use the directional keys on the keyboard. The up direction is to jump and the down direction is to lower the body and head of the dinosaur.

8. Champion Island Games

Finally, there is Doodle Champion Island Games which carries the concept of visual pixel adventure. This game appears, as a form of celebration of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

There are at least seven games to enjoy. Everything is sports-themed, from table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, artistic swimming, rock climbing and marathons.

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