There's a '911' bug, Android users in the US can't make emergency calls


Over the weekend, some Android customers with Microsoft Teams started reporting that they couldn't call '911'. This is a pretty horrific software program bug and it is evident that several people have reported this issue.

Concerns are still afflicting Android users as Google will not roll out the Android update until January 4. Thankfully, developers have put out a tool designed to detect potentially exploitable Android apps.

The PhoneAccountDetector tool was intentionally created to identify with the same vulnerabilities found in Microsoft Teams prior to the patch. As the name suggests, this PhoneAccountDetector program filters the apps on your Android phone looking for any apps that could create bugs.

While the January update is coming, Android users should keep an eye out for the bug. This tool can be a useful technique to check the apps on the phone before they are updated or run. In addition, this application can also provide additional security benefits.

"Thanks to this, the app can evaluate whether there are too many Phone Accounts registered for a particular app, and if so, alert the user. This is also reflected in the list that appears in the middle of the screen, which shows how many Phone Accounts are being used," wrote @linuxct .

Plus, it's very easy to get. Just go to the GitHub webpage, get the APK, settings on the user's phone, and run. Thus launched Diglogs, Tuesday (14/12/2021).

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