Android Go Users Reach 200 Million Every Day

Android Go, the lightweight version of the full-featured Android OS, has officially reached more than 200 million daily users worldwide.

Google first launched Android Go in 2017, where the operating system offers users a smoother Android experience on entry-level devices with 2GB of RAM or less.

Now, Google has also announced that some of these affordable devices will receive an update to Android 12 (Go edition), bringing a number of features from the newly released standard Android 12 to more devices.

Most notably, phones with Android 12 (Go edition) will be able to open apps up to 30% faster and with smoother animations.

Google says that apps will open without delay, eliminating brief periods where users might see a blank screen. Other features, such as the privacy dashboard, are already available in the standard version of Android 12, allowing users to view and access app permissions from a single hub.

Users may also recognize on-screen translation tools, automatic app hibernation that helps save phone battery life, along with a handy feature that lets users share apps with nearby devices, preventing other users from having to use data to download them themselves.

At the moment, it's still unclear which devices will get the Android 12 update (Go edition) or when exactly the update will roll out. Google says it's slated for 2022 but hasn't set a specific date yet as reported by us from The Verge.

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