Breast Cancer Vaccines and the 4 Best Science Advances of 2021


2021...a very tough year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are some things to be grateful for, there are some advances in the field of science that provide an injection of enthusiasm.

We summarized from IFL Science, Monday (12/20/2021) here are a number of things that can make you smile seeing progress in the field of science in 2021:

1. NASA's Perseverance lands on Mars

In February, NASA's Perseverance made history by becoming the first rover to record its landing on Mars and the first to record actual sound with a microphone on another planet.

Perseverance is the largest, heaviest, cleanest and most advanced six-wheeled robot ever launched into space and will play an important role in unraveling some of the mysteries of Mars.

In September, Perseverance made history once again, collecting samples of space rock, which will be the first to be brought back to Earth. Perseverance did not make the journey to Mars alone but rather by the Ingenuity helicopter.

2. A talking duck

The Ripper, an Australian musk duck, has a place in the hearts of all of us with his extraordinary talent for imitation. This earned him the title of the first known talking duck.

"You bloody fool," he said following the guard.

3. HIV Patients 'Self-Healing'

It's actually hard to believe but one patient claimed to have rid his body of HIV without using anti-retroviral drugs. The scientists behind the discovery hope to use it for further research into HIV treatments and vaccines.

4. Breast cancer vaccine

The first breast cancer vaccine began human trials earlier this year. It is the first vaccine to target triple-negative breast cancer -- the most aggressive and lethal form of breast cancer that is notoriously difficult to treat.

If successful, the vaccine, due to complete trials next September, could prevent people from developing triple-negative breast cancer, and possibly in the future, including other types of cancer.

5. The probe 'touches' the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe is the first man-made object to 'touch the Sun'. As it enters the corona, Parker Solar samples particles and magnetic fields and sends incredible footage back to Earth. Parker entered and exited the corona, which is arguably the 'atmosphere of the Sun' several times.

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