I Like Mondays! Indonesia Happy National Team to AFF Cup Semifinals


This is a happy Monday for the people of Indonesia. The Indonesian national team qualified for the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals according to Twitter's timeline.

Earlier on Sunday (19/12) night, the Indonesian national team qualified for the 2020 AFF Cup semifinals after beating Malaysia with a final score of 4-1. At the Singapore National Stadium, Indonesia broke into Malaysia through Irfan Jaya (two goals), one goal from Pratama Arhan and Elkan Baggott. Indonesia qualified for the big 4 round convincingly.

With this result, Indonesia won Group B with 10 points. Indonesia excels in goal productivity from Vietnam to the top finish, Malaysia finishes third with 6 points.

Indonesia will face Singapore in the semifinals of the 2020 AFF Cup, the 1st leg match will take place on December 22, 2021. Well, this victory was greeted with joy by Indonesian netizens until Monday (20/12/2021) this morning.

As we monitored, #TimnasDay topped the trending topic on Twitter followed by #AFFSuzukiCup2020. Irfan Jaya is also trending with 13,700 tweets after packing 2 goals.

Then there is Arhan with 17,600 tweets and Elkan Baggot with 5,322 tweets. There is another Susanti, the character of Upin Ipin from Indonesia, which is also trending with 10,800 tweets because it is a joke for netizens. Ezra Walian also became trending with 8,522 tweets with Witan Sulaeman with 2,174 tweets.

Wow, it feels complete, starting from PSSI to ordinary people, everyone has a voice. All tweets are the joy of the Indonesian people because the national team won and advanced to the 2020 AFF Cup Semifinals. What a mood booster for this Monday morning.

Here are some of the joyous tweets of Indonesian netizens on Twitter:


Arhan with his spectacular kick was able to add to the advantage for Indonesia!

What do you think about Arhan's goal? 😍#KitaGaruda #MeraihImpian #EmergingStrongerTogether #TimnasDay

— PSSI (@PSSI) December 19, 2021

Great "Irfan Jaya" #AFFSuzukiCup2020

— Romy Setiawan (@RoRimy_Setiawan) December 20, 2021

Regarding Arhan/Irfan Jaya, I prefer Arhan. Irfan scored all the tap-ins, exactly when I was at futsal. Arhan who unraveled. Luckily, IJ didn't Werner himself

— Brigadier General Aldiyaz (1st Crocodile Brigade) ️ (@aldiyazproject) December 19, 2021

thank God, Irfan Jaya made Indonesia smile with compassion, his goals were truly extraordinary, congratulations on football in Indonesia, I hope you stay enthusiastic, united and won. #irfanjaya

— Yulianto Labarani (@yuliantolabaran) December 19, 2021

How is Susanti's fate today in class

Indonesia nich boss senggol donk

— PapanyaCHILoOMnyaINARA (@thomyhady) December 20, 2021

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