Elon Musk Reveals Jobs Safe From Future AI Threats


It's no secret that Elon Musk is quite worried about advances in artificial intelligence (AI). He has several times made his predictions about AI which he feared would overtake human abilities.

Talking about the future, Musk also acknowledged that AI and robots can affect the field and the workforce that exists today. This 50-year-old man reveals what jobs will be affected by AI and jobs that will remain secure in the future.

"Artificial intelligence will make work meaningless," Musk said while speaking at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, as quoted from BGR, Monday (12/20/2021).

According to Musk, people who work on developing AI software will be in a secure position in the future. But he stressed that AI could one day make its own software, so the above work could be taken over by AI.

Increasingly sophisticated technology will indeed eliminate some jobs, but humans are expected to adapt. For example, if there is a machine that replaces human work, the machine also needs someone to operate it.

AI will probably take over the production and distribution process. But companies still need people to consume these products and services.

For this reason, the company will focus on areas that require human interaction because this will become one of the things that is increasingly needed. Musk went on to say that work related to human interaction would likely be safe from AI threats.

"If you're working on something that involves people or technique, that might be a good focus for your future."

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