Excited Scientists Detect Black Holes That Are Still 'Babies'


Black holes are still one of the most mysterious objects in the universe, although there is a lot of knowledge about them. Recently, astronomers may have detected the birth of a black hole.

As quoted by us from Futurism, in 2018 astronomers tracked a mysterious signal about 200 light years away.

At first, they thought it came from a supernova explosion, but it turned out to be much brighter and faster than normal explosions. This phenomenon called The Cow has baffled astronomers for several years.

So recently, a team of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed the signal to its origin and found something interesting: millions of high-energy X-rays that glow on a regular basis.

From this information, scientists estimate that the object is about a thousand kilometers wide, with a mass of less than 800 solar masses. So even if it's a black hole, it's not that big.

That's what makes the object is believed to be a tiny black hole or baby and is in the process of being born. "We seem to have discovered the birth of a compact object in a supernova," said Dheeraj Pasham, a researcher at MIT.

Another possibility is that The Cow was previously a supernova headed for a neutron star, the remnant of a dying star. However, the energy is considered too large.

"The amount of energy is more than a typical collapsing supernova nucleus. So the question is, what could produce an additional source of energy like this?" call Pasham.

Now, the research team is again conducting research to determine what exactly this object is, although it is most likely a baby Black Hole. If true, then it will likely be new knowledge about the universe.

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