How to Share Instagram Playback, Flashback Stories a la Spotify Wrapped


Instagram has just released the Playback feature to enliven the flashback trend at the end of the year. This new feature lets users look back on the Stories they uploaded throughout 2021, much like flashbacks in Spotify Wrapped.

"To help you look back on special moments this year, we created playback of your stories in 2021," Instagram said, as quoted from Cnet, Friday (12/10/2021).

"You can choose to add or remove stories before sharing them," he added.

Instagram says the 2021 Playback feature is a limited feature that will be available over the next few weeks and will be rolled out to all users before this weekend.

Here's how to share Instagram Playback to Stories:

- Open the Instagram app, and you will be greeted by the 'View your 2021 Playback' banner between Stories and Feed

- Tap the View Playback button and you will see 10 stories that have been selected by Instagram

- You can add or remove certain stories from Playback before sharing

- If it's what you want, type Share and your Instagram Playback will be directly shared to Stories.

If you haven't seen the 2021 Playback banner on the Instagram app, but you can see the Playback shared by other users, just click the 2021 sticker in the corner of the story.

This Playback feature is likely to be popular among Instagram users. But it's quite surprising why they didn't opt ​​for simpler features like 'top nine' collages.

Instagram users who want to show a compilation of their best content usually use top nine collages made through third-party applications.

But to use the service, users sometimes have to provide their personal information, so if this feature is offered directly via Instagram, it will be much more practical.

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