Indonesian National Team Destroys Malaysia, Netizens Touch Susanti on Upin Ipin


The euphoria of the Indonesian national team's victory over Malaysia in the 2020 AFF Cup is still felt. But now, netizens are worried about Susanti's safety in Upin Ipin's village.

The Indonesian national team just defeated Malaysia in the 2020 AFF Cup with a final score of 4-1. The match, which was held at the National Stadium, Singapore, also repatriated Malaysia from this Southeast Asian football event.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the excitement of the Indonesian National Team's victory from this arch-enemy, netizens alluded to Susanti's character in Upin Ipin.

Yes, Susanti is one of the characters in the Malaysian animated children's series, Upin Ipin. He is told as a Jakarta man who moved to Malaysia following his parents.

Susanti is a playmate of Upin Ipin Cs and also a student of Tadika Mesra, a school in Kampung Durian Runtuh. Susanti's topic is also a trending topic on Twitter's social media timeline.

Susanti enters the intimate tradition:

— ‏ً (@azptt) December 19, 2021

SUSANTI #TembusKandangLawan #TimnasDay

— Referee Commission (@MafiaWasit) December 19, 2021

Wrong, Susanti Insecure is out of the house now

— Pace KaWe Super (@akhyar_22) December 20, 2021

Susanti is full of smiles at school

— 1CAK (@onecak) December 20, 2021

The atmosphere at Tadika Mesra this Monday.

Kawal Susanti😂

Awoakwoakwoak 4-1#AFFSuzukiCup #Teamnas #Malaysia

— Football Video (@FootballVideoid) December 20, 2021

The state of the durian village is collapsing in Malaysia for the next few days

Hopefully Susanti won't be hostile there~

— i'm Squidward (@ikibeael_) December 19, 2021



— ᯂᯒᯨ (@Meme_Comic_Karo) December 19, 2021

Please take care of Susanti's house, afraid of the fury of the durian residents who are frustrated seeing Malaysia lose

— HKMWRNT (@hakim_wiranata) December 19, 2021

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