MediaTek is getting better than Qualcomm, why?


During the Q3 2021 period (July-September 2021), MediaTek increased its lead over Qualcomm in terms of the number of system on a chip (SoC) shipments for mobile phones.

Based on data released by Counterpoint Research, in Q3 2021 MediaTek had a 40% market share while Qualcomm had 27%. This advantage increased compared to Q3 2020 where MediaTek's market share was 33% while Qualcomm's was 28%.

In the 3rd position is Apple, whose market share rose 3% compared to the same period a year earlier, which rose from 12% to 15%. Underneath it is Unisoc with a market share of 10% and Samsung with a market share of 5%.

Interestingly, there is still HiSilicon on this list with a 2% market share. HiSilicon is a Huawei business unit that produces Kirin chips, which is no longer producing chips due to US sanctions, and its market share has fallen from 13% in Q3 2020.

Likewise with Unisoc, whose name is relatively unpopular compared to other chip manufacturers. They were able to make it onto this list, even for three consecutive quarters, for two reasons.

That is, they have cooperation agreements with companies such as Realme, Motorola, ZTE, and even Samsung. They also have a partnership with Honor, a brand that previously relied on chips from HiSilicon.

MediaTek's increasing prominence is due to the huge demand for 4G SoCs. They've also been helped by the dearth of 5G chips, which means MediaTek's SoCs are now used in every two out of five phones on the market.

However, the 5G market share is still led by Qualcomm even though they are experiencing component supply problems. Qualcomm's market share in this area stands at 62%, which is helped by the fact that it has two contractors to manufacture its main components, including the Snapdragon 8 series and its premium 5G modem chip.

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