Instagram Presents Photo Embed Limit Feature

 When you want to use photos, pictures or videos made by other people for personal purposes, for example to be included in a website/web, of course we have to get permission from the owner or must include the credit name of the owner of the source.

But the fact is that currently several social media platforms such as Instagram have embed support, where users or anyone can take and embed the post from Instagram.

Well now, Instagram has decided to tighten up the service. To do this, Instagram will give copyright holders the option to decide whether they want their content to be embeddable or not.

This new option will give Instagram users the choice of whether or not to allow the embedding feature for their posts, meaning if they disable it, third parties will not be able to embed their content into their website.

This feature comes thanks to the efforts of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and the National Press Photographer's Association (NPPA) as reported by us from Ubergizmo.

"We have been in touch with Instagram for over a year to seek a fix for this issue. We are grateful that they accepted our request to resolve this." said Alicia Calzada, the NPPA Deputy General Counsel.

Previously, there were publications that had legal problems related to taking pictures such as the Mashable site which was sued in court for embedding images. However, the court ruled that embedding an image from Instagram was not an offense.

There is also another case involving photographer Paul Nicklen, who won a copyright lawsuit against another publisher over embedded videos and screenshots, which did not have his permission.

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