Realme GT 2 Series Will Bring 3 First Claimed Innovations in the World

 Towards the end of the year, Realme announced three innovations that were claimed to be the world's first. All these innovations will be presented on the Realme GT 2 Series.

"Today I have introduced three of the world's leading technologies from Realme. Designing and producing cutting-edge designs has become part of Realme's brand DNA," said Mark Wesley, Realme Product Communication Manager.

"We hope that the Realme GT 2 Series as the first and most premium flagship smartphone from Realme, will allow users and Realme fans to be the first to enjoy the latest and foremost innovations provided by realme," he added.

3 New Innovations in Realme GT 2 Series

- Bio-polymer material

The Realme GT 2 Pro features a paper-inspired minimalist and sustainability-focused design. Created by the leading Japanese designer, Naoto Fukasawa, this "Paper Tech Master Design" makes the Realme GT 2 Pro the world's first bio-based smartphone.

The rear cover of the Realme GT 2 Pro uses a bio-polymer material that serves as a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil raw materials that have an impact on global warming. SABIC's bio-based materials have not only passed the International Carbon and Sustainability Certification ISCC, but also various stringent environmental regulatory standards, such as REACH, RoHS, and EPEAT.

In addition, Realme's new packaging design has reduced the overall plastic ratio from 21.7% in the previous generation to 0.3% for this model.

- 150° . ultra-wide camera

Realme GT 2 Series Photo: Realme

Ultra-wide angle lenses are often used in landscape and building photography, as they allow the camera to capture a wider perspective in each photo.

The Realme GT 2 Pro is the first phone to offer a 150° ultra-wide camera. This ultra-wide camera expands the smartphone's field of view by 278% compared to the 84° field of the main camera.

Realme is also the first smartphone brand to develop a smartphone fisheye mode on the GT 2 Pro. This mode can produce a strong perspective or a longer viewing distance effect. With a wide field of view, the whole image becomes more visually appealing.

- Stable Signal and NFC 360°

Realme GT 2 Pro is equipped with the Antenna Array Matrix System which consists of three technologies: the world's first ultra-wideband antenna switching technology (HyperSmart), Wi-Fi Enhancer, and 360° short-range communication (NFC) technology.

Realme's HyperSmart antenna switching technology is designed with 12 circular antennas that cover all sides of the smartphone and support the mainstream band in almost all directions, all with the same signal strength. This allows the Realme GT 2 Pro to intelligently evaluate the signal strength of the entire antenna and automatically selects the antenna with the best signal.

Realme GT 2 Series Photo: Realme

In the case of a Wi-Fi network amplifier, the Wi-Fi antenna is designed symmetrically to ensure a more balanced signal strength around the smartphone. In tests conducted by Realme, this design is proven to increase signal stability by 20% compared to the asymmetrical Wi-Fi antenna design.

Realme GT 2 Pro also integrates the top two mobile antennas with NFC signal transceiver function, increasing the sensing area by 500% and the sensing distance by 20%. The entire top of the GT 2 Pro detects NFC signals in both directions, facilitating the use of NFC for card or smartphone swiping.

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