4 Facts About Spirit Dolls That Are Going Viral


Spirit dolls are currently viral. A number of Indonesian artists also have spirit dolls that are said to be able to bring hockey -- although the pros and cons immediately invaded among netizens.

The price of a spirit doll is not cheap either, the price reaches millions and usually a collector does not only have one spirit doll. In summary, here are the facts regarding spirit dolls:

1. History of Spirit Doll

Spirit dolls have existed since ancient times and take many forms. There are statues, dolls, and voodoo. In Rome, dolls were often used for magical rituals to connect with gods or goddesses. Likewise in ancient Egypt, dolls were used for spiritual release or religious ceremonies.

2. Sold in e-commerce

From films involving dolls like Annabelle, there has been growing interest in spirit dolls. Spirit dolls have finally gone on sale to users anonymously on sites like Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. Usually, the history of the doll will be explained.

3. Used for self-healing

In 2006, Barb Kobe, who is an artist, created a class that invited people to make dolls. According to him, this can help a person to recover physically and mentally. The class has participants make four different medicine dolls.

4. Ever gone viral in Thailand

Before in Indonesia, spirit dolls had gone viral in Thailand with the belief that they would bring good luck. In Thailand too, people pamper and treat spirit dolls well.

Usually, spirit dolls will be brought to a monk for prayers and ceremonies. The ritual is believed to be an attempt to bring the doll to life or to fill the doll with spirits.

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