Amazing Sightings Claimed to be Transparent Aliens


A man claims to have recorded a strange alien sighting with his camera. He also shows what the alien photo looks like.

As quoted by us from the Mirror, this sighting occurred in the Redgate area, Montana, United States. A figure that looks like a human with a round head is seen walking in the rural area. However, its shape is not very clear because it seems to be completely covered in white.

The photo was taken by a camera placed there by Donald Bromley. This man initially thought the creature was a human, but upon further examination, he changed his mind and believed it to be an alien.

"The more I looked at it, the weirder it got. Fits the picture of the alien persona with the bigger head, you can see he's shirtless, like a transparent creature," Donald said.

He said that in the area there are often unexplained events, such as UFO sightings and phenomena related to the paranormal. According to him, the residents of Redgate had previously seen strange objects passing through the sky quite often.

Patrick Cutler, a resident who lives nearby and is producing a documentary about the strange events that occur there, said the alien sighting was just one of many mysterious occurrences experienced by local residents.

But of course not all believe in the claim that what is seen in the photo is an alien sighting, it still needs further research. It could be that what was shot was actually just a human or the camera had a problem so that it took the picture with such a result. So far, there have been no sightings of aliens that can be justified scientifically.

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