List of Best Game Villains 2021, There's a Resident Evil Village Final Boss

 The year has changed, even so, it seems it is still too early to forget the series of games that have been presented in 2021. Including various Villains or antagonist characters in it. Who do you think is the best?

Over the past 12 months, many quality video games have been presented by developers. Some of them were even selected as Game of The Year from each organizer. Like in the biggest game award event, The Game Awards 2021, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart which managed to win the best title.

When it comes to evil characters, who can be said to be capable of playing their role in the game? we have collected at least 5 of the best Villains during 2021, quoted from Gameranx, Sunday (2/1/2022).

5 Best Game Villains 2021

Juliana Blake (Deathloop)

Developed by Arkane Studios and released by Bethesda, Deathloop, managed to create a quite difficult Villain named Juliana Blake. He is someone who has the task of filing, as well as being the head of security for the AEON Program.

The thing that makes it stand out is the unique character it presents. Not only intelligent, with a fickle personality, Juliana also has high self-confidence.

The Maw (The Medium)

From action-packed games, let's move on to psychological horror games that are quite suspenseful. Bloober Team as a developer through The Medium, is able to take players across the real and spiritual world.

Plus the antagonist role of The Maw, the main villain who is really scary. He was an eight-foot-tall gray-skinned monster. Her role is always chasing the main character in the game, namely Marianne.

Raven Beak (Metroid Dread)

The Chozo leader of the Mawkin tribe, Raven Beak, is presented as a cold and pragmatic individual. He was only ambitious about how to gain more power.

Take on the role of the final boss who is tough and hard to beat. Because of how great his strength was and even tough battles were unavoidable.

Anton Castillo (Far Cry 6)

Anton Castillo is played by Giancarlo Esposito. He is already well known for his role as the evil Gus Fring in the games Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Then successfully brought his prowess in Far Cry 6. Castillo is shown as a brutal dictator and has a high enough charisma, which can only be felt in the Far Cry universe.

Mother Miranda (Resident Evil: Village)

Finally, there is Mother Miranda from Resident Evil: Village. Maybe for some fans, will choose Lady Dimitrescu as the best Villain in the latest Resident Evil series. Because considering how popular these sexy vampires are.

However, Mother Miranda is the final boss with a pretty scary old woman stature. Even Lady Dimitrescu is one of his men in the game.

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