Still Using BlackBerry? Get ready, the old series doesn't work anymore


BlackBerry has warned its loyal users that the software for a number of its series of devices will no longer work starting next week.

That's because on January 4, 2022, the former King of Mobile phones disabled the operating system he built from scratch. Devices running BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier, BlackBerry 10, or the PlayBook tablet operating system will be affected by this disabling.

Thus, if you are a user of devices with this software, you may experience problems making phone calls, sending text messages, calling emergency services, and accessing data.

As quoted from Xpress, users affected by this change are those who use old BlackBerry phones that have passed the date that is eligible for the upgrade.

Devices running BlackBerry 10 will be the latest phones to be affected. But this OS was first launched back in 2013. While BlackBerry 7.1 and PlayBook tablet OS, debuted in 2011.

BlackBerry originally announced the end date of support for its software in September 2020, and has alerted users as the cut-off date draws near.

"As a reminder, legacy services for BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier versions, will no longer be available after January 4, 2022," BlackBerry announced on Christmas Day.

Approaching D-day, devices that run legacy services and software either through carriers or WiFi connections are gradually no longer functioning properly, including for data functions, phone calls, SMS, and 911.

"We thank our customers and partners for their years of loyalty, and invite you to learn more about how BlackBerry provides intelligent security software and services to companies and governments around the world," BlackBerry said.

Don't be sad, if you want to keep using BlackBerry branded devices, you can switch to one of the BlackBerry phones that are already based on Android.

BlackBerry switched to Google's OS in 2015, and its devices since then won't be affected by the upcoming cut-off date. If you have an older BlackBerry device, and want to back up your data, follow the link on the support page.

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