Mysterious Big Object at the Bottom of the Lake Recorded by Google Maps

 A shadow that is thought to come from a mysterious object that is quite large in shape has been recorded on the Google Maps map service. Many are guessing what exactly the object that is not clearly visible is.

As quoted by us from the Independent, the object is in Pyramid Lake in Nevada, United States. This blackish-colored object in the lake is vaguely composed of four sections of varying sizes.

Several Reddit forum users who discussed the sighting believe that this object is actually a secret military base under a lake. Moreover, near the lake, there is also a large military facility.

"There are a lot of strange military bases nearby, including the Naval Underwater Warfare Center located in the middle of the desert. Strange, right?" wrote one Reddit user.

Another user said it could be that the object is a neglected ship. "It looks like a ship, a military ship that sank and couldn't be raised to the surface," he said.

Another opinion states that this object could be an error that sometimes occurs in Google Maps. So far, there has been no explanation that is considered convincing enough about the object in question.

The area around the lake consists of parks, beaches and forests. Access to the lake via a public road is also easy enough that it might not be a problem to check it in person, but apparently no one has done that yet.

The inventor on Google Maps itself did not investigate it in depth. "They actually took it very seriously. Thank you, we're famous now," they joked.


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