Registration PMPL ID Season 5 officially opened, valid until January 12


 PubG Mobile Pro League Indonesia (PMPL ID) Season 5 has opened registration. This took place from December 31, 2021 to January 12.

"Registration has been opened! Your chance to qualify for PMPL ID Season 5 has arrived. Register now at The first match of the open qualification, will take place on 17-19 January!," Write the Pub Mobile Esports ID on social media.

As for closed qualifications it is held on January 21-23. Followed by the Grand Finals round on January 28 - 30, 2022, quoted by our official PMPL qualifier on Wednesday (5/1/2022).

Open qualifications themselves, held to determine the top four teams that deserve to advance to the grand final. Unlike closed qualifications, where is a fierce match of 16 professional teams, in an effort to fight for the top 12 slots.

What if you want to register? It's easy. The players can follow the following simple steps, according to the direction of social media.

How to register pmpl id season 5

Collect your teammates.

Register through this link:

Click the registration menu in the upper right corner, then follow any applicable provisions.

When finished, please check the email to join the Discord Channel.

Finally, registration confirmation through the available discord.

Previously confirm first, that Tier Rank the player meets the requirements. At least the minimum rank is owned, namely at the ACE level.

"After registering for their respective qualifications, you still need to confirm the registration to get a slot. The registration crew will process and verify confirmation manually, based on the order of confirmation statements that we receive in Discord," Write Pub Mobile.

It becomes the fifth season of the highest pubG mobile tournament in Indonesia, after previously Genesis Dogma Gids won at PMPL ID Season 4. They also entitled to bring home prizes worth USD 15 thousand.