The More Innovative Air Purifier, The Healthier


The widespread spread and mutation of the virus makes people tend to adopt a healthy lifestyle to protect themselves. The use of technology with protection against viruses, such as air purifiers, is one of the emerging trends in society.

Air purifiers are indeed one of the efforts that can help people move indoors without worry. Launching Healthline, air purifiers can help improve room circulation by cleaning the air, including pollutants, allergens, and toxins.

The increasing use of air purifiers has also encouraged Sharp to introduce more healthy and innovative air purifier technology innovations. Long before the pandemic, in 2000 to be exact, Sharp had indeed become one of the first brands to present an air purifier with Plasmacluster technology, which is capable of emitting negative and positive ions in the air.

This Plasmacluster Ion technology has even been proven to be able to reduce COVID-19 virus infections. This is evidenced by the research of Professor Hironori Yoshiyama from the Department of Microbiology, Shimane University School of Medicine, Professor Shigeru Watanabe, Meikai University School of Health Sciences, and Professor Masashi Yamakawa, Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Kyoto Institute of Technology.

"To prevent viral infection, it is important to keep the room area at a relative humidity level of around 60% with humidification. However, while an area with a relative humidity of 60% reduces the number of droplet particles suspended in the air and adhering to the surface of objects," Professor Hironori explained. Sharp's official statement.

"In this verification, Plasmacluster technology significantly inactivated SARS-CoV-2 contained in droplets adhered to various surfaces under conditions of 60% humidity in which the physiological protective function was maintained. Recent results also demonstrate the ability of Plasmacluster Ions to suppress viral strain variants, that can be applied to new variants that have the potential to emerge in the future," he continued.

Not only presenting Plasmacluster technology, during the pandemic Sharp continued to innovate in developing air purifier products with various advanced technologies. Through its newest highest type, KI-L80Y-T, SHARP presents Plasmacluster HD 25,000 which is able to purify the air in a room of 62 62 m².

Air Purifier KI-L80Y-T with AIoT Function Photo: Sharp

Sharp also improves the performance of this new type with three times the filtering process through auto-pre filter, deodorizing filter and HEPA filter. This triple filtration can help remove 99.7% of allergens and harmful small particles from the air that passes through the filter.

Sharp also embeds AIoT technology so that consumers can monitor indoor air quality anytime and anywhere via smartphones via WiFi connectivity and SHARP COCORO AIR.

"Through 'SHARP COCORO AIR', it can be ensured that the air quality condition of the room is visually clean. This application can also monitor indoor air quality, humidity, and temperature in real time," Sharp explained, quoted from his official website.

There is also a Spot Mode feature that helps remove odors, bacteria, and viruses that stick to various places in the room. And Coanda Airflow technology that circulates air faster at an angle of 20 degrees by collecting dust at a lower level in the room so that it cleans the air more effectively.

Through its various innovations in air purifier technology, Sharp has been listed as a trusted product category in various parts of the world. Sharp is also ranked number one in Japan and ASEAN.

In addition to being successful in sales, the greatness and trust given to consumers in the SHARP Air Purifier also won consumer trust through the 2019 Top Brand award, after previously making achievements for the same category in 2018.

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