The meaning of Uraa that went viral because of Russian President Vladimir Putin

 Russian President Vladimir Putin often uses the word 'Uraa' in his speeches. Therefore, more and more people want to know the meaning of Uraa itself. Actually, what does 'Uraa' mean?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine made the public's attention higher for these two countries. The public always listens to information from both sides and prays that a peaceful way will soon be found.

In the midst of the invasion, President Vladimir Putin made several public appearances. He even shouted 'Uraa' (often written 'Ura') while attending a military troop parade.

So, what is the meaning of the word Uraa? Uraa in Russian means 'Hurray' or cheers. Uraa written 'Ура' is usually used to raise enthusiasm in various things, even to war affairs.

In several video speeches, it is seen several times Vladimir Putin said Uraa at the end of his speech.

History of Uraa

Uraa is known as a shout of encouragement that was often used by the Soviet Union's Red Army during World War II. This was said to encourage the army to fight against Germany, which at that time was an enemy. Uraa's shout symbolizes the expression of enthusiasm and joy.

You could say, this is similar to the words 'Merdeka' which is often used by Malaysians/Indonesians or 'Banzai' which is used by the Japanese to ignite the spirit of struggle.

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