6 Ways to Save HP Battery

HP has always been an important thing that should not be left behind. Therefore, it is important to know how to save HP battery when the battery is getting critical.

All applications, banking matters to communication are in one hand. We summarized from various sources, here's how to save HP battery when needed. Make sure you do the steps below:

1. Use WiFi if available

Connecting to the internet using a WiFi network will save HP battery usage rather than using a cellular network. If there is a WiFi network that can be used, you should just use it.

2. Brightness lowered

Is the screen brightness very high? If so, try lowering it. You can activate the automatic system so you don't have to set it manually and make it easier. If you want to be more efficient, make sure the screen brightness is very dark.

3. Limit app usage

Don't use apps that feature graphics or audio when you really want to save battery. Stop playing Candy Crush first to fill your spare time for a long battery life.

4. Download the battery saving application

Many applications can track smartphone performance and analyze the factors that make your cellphone battery run out quickly. Examples of applications are BetterBatteryStats or Battery HD+.

5. Airplane mode

Switching to airplane mode is not only when traveling by airplane, but it can also be used to save battery. You won't be able to receive messages or calls and connect to the internet but can only use your phone for what you want.

6. Turn off 'location'

Location services that use GPS to track your location are important to keep your phone safe, but it also eats up battery. You can use it if you really don't know where you are going or where you are, but if you're in a pinch, try turning it off.

Another way that you can apply is to reduce the application push notifications on your cellphone or email that consume cellphone power.

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