25 Things You Can Do When Bored in the Middle of Homecoming


Homecoming can take a long time, it could be hours or maybe a few days. On the way, HP becomes a loyal friend who is always at hand.

Reading a book might be done to kill a long time stuck in traffic. However, what's wrong with changing the atmosphere by doing fun activities with HP. Some of them can also be useful for overcoming HP problems such as a slow cellphone.

Therefore, we summarize a number of ideas that can be done when bored in the middle of a homecoming trip. Reported by Camille Styles, below is the list:

1. Delete photos that are not needed so that the HP memory is reduced

2. Delete unimportant emails for more email space

3. Update contacts on your cellphone, delete the ones you don't need

4. Unsubscribe emails that are not important and make full emails

5. Coloring with apps available in store

6. Meditate with the app

7. Call your parents, friends or family -- not while driving

8. Learn foreign languages ​​with applications that are widely available in the store

9. Listening to podcasts is beneficial (and fun)

10. Play puzzles

11. Create a playlist of songs on your favorite streaming platform

12. Planning your next vacation (delusions work too)

13. Add photos to the contacts of loved ones

14. Play word games (wordplay)

15. View tutorials to increase cooking skills and other skills

16. Clean the HP screen that has started to get dirty

17. Make a homecoming vlog

18. Make an update on your homecoming trip in the area you are passing and submit it to the radio or social media account that uploaded the matter

19. Edit photos

20. Play games you can do with your loved ones

21. Write interesting stories on platforms like Wattpad

22. Sending money via digital wallet

23. Make Eid greetings and twibbon

24. Making songs with music apps

25. Delete accounts that have not been used for a long time (email, social media and others)

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