Don't do this in public with your cellphone, just don't!


When in public, there are ethics that must be maintained, including when using the cellphone you are holding now. Not only ethical issues, there are several things that should be avoided when in public in order to keep your cellphone safe.

What are some things that should not be done in public with HP? Here we have summarized from various sources, a number of things you can avoid.

1. Using public WiFi

When you are in a hurry, your quota runs out, and you are still in the middle of a homecoming trip, public WiFi can be used temporarily. But, don't just use public WiFi because there are risks too. From cellphones that are vulnerable to being hacked to the threat of hacking banking applications on smartphones, think again before using public WiFi.

2. Connect with any USB cable

Connected with a careless USB cable can be a threat to data transfer. The data on the cellphone can be sent to other media that bad people want.

3. Photographing someone's privacy for the sake of content

Seeing that there is a little commotion, don't immediately rush to grab your cellphone to record and make it viral. Although there are a number of examples of goodness that has occurred from the results of viral videos, you must be able to distinguish whether it has entered the realm of someone's privacy or not.

4. Speak loudly on the phone

Moreover, to activate the speakers to make the sound sound even more booming. It's best to speak slowly and don't disturb those around you.

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