Clubhouse Test Features In-Room Games


Cloubhouse is testing a new feature in the form of in-room games. The presence of this feature is expected to help break the ice and get to know friends better.

This feature called Wild Cards was actually available on iOS and Android devices globally last April. To use it just need to click "+ Room" then select Game.

Currently, Wild Cards is only available in English. But Clubhouse promises to expand to other languages ​​as soon as possible.

Along with Wild Cards, Clubhouse also started introducing the first group icon

them with three friends behind the Women Watching Sports Live club. They've known each other for years, and maintain a very close relationship, despite moving around the country, through their love of every sport from the NFL to F1.

Meanwhile, the newest Clubhouse icon is a figure who is considered to have a fairly high commitment to their work. Interestingly, they only met in person for the first time when Clubhouse took this photo for the Clubhouse icon.

They are Pyotr Kurzin and Anna Olizarivska, the two main people behind one of the largest and longest-running rooms at the Clubhouse, the "Ukraine Situation Report (Sitrep).

The Ukraine Situation Report (Sitrep) Room is currently understood to be the longest and largest social audio room in history. This room has existed since the fighting in Ukraine began and the Clubhouse has become a gathering platform for millions of people to share their stories and hopes.

Pyotr started the room from his club The Big Picture and has since joined many well-known co-admins in the community. Meanwhile, Anna has been with the Clubhouse since the beginning and she quickly became one of the well-known moderators helping to keep the room running 24 hours a day.

As of May 3, 2022, this room runs non-stop for 67 days, and more than one million people have joined this room. Although there is a bit of luck factor in the dark situations they face when they run this room in the midst of conflict, the life story of Anna and Peter can be likened to a kind of mirror for the listeners.

Pyotr grew up in the UK, but currently resides in Washington DC, USA, where in addition to his time at the Clubhouse, he hosts the podcast The Global Gambit, a podcast about geopolitics, foreign policy, and breaking news that engages listeners directly.

His parents, a Russian and an Englishman, remained united until they were separated by an iron curtain. Meanwhile, Anna, is an activist and volunteer who also works in IT. He fled from his home in Odessa, Ukraine, for the Netherlands in the early weeks of the fighting. The room they hosted with a group of friends who have now become quite close has helped hundreds of thousands of people bridge the gap between Russia, Ukraine and the rest of the world.

This room has become a place where true stories on the ground are shared so that listeners understand what really happened and to respond to propaganda and false information circulating in the midst of conflict. Wow, the background story of this Clubhouse's newest icon is very interesting

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