EIGER Creates Digital Community Through Its First NFT Collection


Outdoor gear brand EIGER Adventure has announced that it is joining the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) market. EIGER's first online community-based NFT is the result of a collaboration with a production house and an NFT launchpad from Bandung, namely Project137.

CEO of PT Eigerindo Multi Industrial Products Christian H. Sarsono explained that the launch of the NFT collection was an initial initiation in creating a digital community.

"This initiation in the development of the technology ecosystem is in line with the company's current business strategy. This is also a bridge for EIGER to digital transformation," said Christian in a written statement, Thursday (12/5/2022).

He explained that the first series released by EIGER and Project137 was called EIGER FRIENDS with Riki 'The Tiger' as the main character.

General Manager of E-Commerce EIGER Adventure Jason Wuysang added that the character created with Project137 was inspired by a typical Indonesian animal that is threatened with extinction, namely the tiger. According to him, this collection is EIGER's commitment to preserving the environment and nature. Because part of the revenue from this collaborative project will be donated to help the conservation of wild animals in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Jason said EIGER as a fashion brand provides an opportunity for asset owners to be able to change character attributes later. For example, with clothing or accessories inspired by EIGER Adventure products.

The Riki 'The Tiger' NFT series is sold in limited quantities starting Wednesday (11/5) through the official website at a price of around 11.4-12 MATIC.

By having Riki's 'The Tiger' NFT collection, EIGER provides a 10% discount for purchases on the brand site for initial purchases. Special for the first 50 people who collect NFT from EIGER on Wednesday (11/5) and confirm through the official discord Project137NFT at the link

"We launched EIGER FRIENDS NFT as a way to expand the experience for EIGER consumers, as well as introduce tropical climate animals to the wider community in a new way," concluded Jason.

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