Heroes of Crown Game Launching Soon, What are the Features?


After bringing Ys 6 Mobile to the gamer market, VNG Corporation is back to being active by bringing a new game called Heroes of Crown.

The exact date of the mobile game being available is not yet known, but what is certain is that the pre-registration as well as the pre-launch event in welcoming this game has been determined on 9-24 May 2022.

"Heroes of Crown is the latest game from VNG that was released for fans of the idle battle genre with a very unique and best-in-class appearance, combined with the anime image style, making Heroes of Crown more unique and classy," said VNG Product Operation, Jhonsen Lim in written statement.

The features of Heroes of Crown are varied and different from similar games. Of the number of existing elements (a total of six elements, Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark & ​​Chaos), Combat Formation, Combat Strategy, PVE and PVP are of various types.

Heroes of Crown offers hundreds of interesting heroes that players can collect. These heroes include more than six types of elements, namely Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Dark, and Chaos. Hundreds of these heroes have four grades or levels, namely Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue or Green. Even so, this game offers an interesting level of difficulty.

"VNG is further strengthening its steps in the market by releasing another new mobile game in mid-2022, namely Heroes of Crown. The IDLE RPG genre with stunning graphics, is expected to enliven the game industry this year," said VNG Marketing Lead Sheilla Pinem.

Heroes of Crown offers several interesting features, including:

Short Battle

This game is specially designed for game lovers who have a high level of activity. The x2 auto feature and the short duration per match (about 3 minutes) ensure that players don't need a long time to play this game.

Stunning 3D Graphics

An adventure with interactive and beautiful graphic animations

Hundreds of Collectable Heroes

Win the battle with a collection of hundreds of cool heroes


Explore all the maps and fight other players to become the strongest

Thousands of Attractive Prizes

Claim FREE Gold by logging in every day. Fight monsters and collect Gold even when you are offline.

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