Jack Dorsey refuses to return to being the CEO of Twitter, what's wrong?


There are predictions that say that Jack Dorsey will return to being the CEO of Twitter after Elon Musk officially becomes the new owner of Twitter. But Dorsey actually denied the rumors emphatically.

One of those predictions came from Twitter user Charles Wieand. In his tweet, Wieand predicts Musk will ask Dorsey to come back and become CEO of Twitter.

"Well, I'm not going to be CEO anymore," Dorsey said in response to Wieand's tweet, as quoted from The Verge, Thursday (12/5/2022).

In a subsequent tweet, Dorsey said he did not want the job. He also said that in the end no one should be the CEO of Twitter.

Perhaps Dorsey's response refers to Bluesky, a project developed to transform Twitter from a conventional social media to a decentralized protocol.

Dorsey has a long history with Twitter, the social media company he co-founded. In 2008 Twitter's board of directors fired him from the position of CEO, just two years after he helped found the company.

He returned to the position of CEO of Twitter in 2015. But in 2020, a group of investors on Twitter's board of directors tried to remove him because Dorsey was deemed to lack innovation and was too busy with his other companies.

Finally, in November 2021 Dorsey again resigned from his position as CEO of Twitter for less clear reasons. His position was replaced by Parag Agrawal who previously served as CTO of Twitter.

But Agrawal's leadership is unlikely to last long. The reason is that after the acquisition of Twitter by Musk is complete, it is reported that the richest person in the world will serve as temporary CEO of Twitter. But given that Musk also leads SpaceX and Tesla, it's likely he'll be looking for someone else to lead Twitter.

Even so, it is quite reasonable if netizens think Dorsey will be Musk's choice to become the leader of Twitter. Dorsey has been criticizing Twitter a lot lately and seems less than happy with the path the company is taking. Dorsey also appears to agree with some of Musk's concerns about Twitter's future.

Dorsey himself is currently busy with his work as CEO of Block, the digital finance and payments company he co-founded with Jim McKelvey.

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