These 6 Causes of Leak-Proof Adhesive Technology Fail, Be Careful!


Leak-proof or waterproofing is a product that must exist in a building. But, have you ever experienced a leak even though you've used a coating or waterproofing?

Failure of waterproofing may occur if the waterproofing product is not good, the type of waterproofing does not match the needs, or the workmanship is not optimal.

A leak proof that fails to hold water and causes a leak can be caused by the following faults:

1. Unclean Material Surface

Prior to waterproofing, the surface must be cleaned of oil, dust, dirt, mildew, and other residues that can reduce the adhesion of waterproofing products.

It is important to remember that leak-proof or waterproofing products will easily be damaged and fail if the surface of the material to be worked on is not cleaned first. This happens because waterproofing products can not glue perfectly.

2. Cracked Parts Haven't Repaired

Failure of waterproofing can also be caused if cracks and material damage are not repaired first. Water can enter through the cracks in the damage thereby increasing the risk of leak proof failure.

There are waterproofing products that are elastic so they can patch material cracks while providing water-repellent protection. However, it would be nice to repair the cracked and damaged parts first for maximum waterproofing results.

3. Improper Mixing of Materials

One of the most common mistakes that can lead to leak-proof failure is an error in the mixing of materials. Improper mixing of materials will damage the consistency of the waterproofing product.

Waterproofing products have their own mixing rates and definitely provide mixing instructions. Builders often do not follow the mixing instructions which can damage the waterproofing product. For that, use the best waterproofing products from Mapei that are ready to use without the need to be mixed with other materials and also use the services of experts in the process.

4. Waterproofing Product Storage Error

To maintain the quality of waterproofing products, product storage must follow the storage instructions provided by each product. Avoid storage in temperatures that are too hot or cold, exposed to direct sunlight, and stored in an open place.

Product storage will certainly affect the quality of waterproofing products. If storage is done poorly, waterproofing can fail because the product quality is damaged or torn.

5. Work Error

Waterproofing work should be carried out by experts to avoid workmanship errors that cause leak-proof failure. Especially for work with special equipment such as the type of bitumen waterproofing membrane, you must use the services of experts so that the installation of waterproofing is maximized.

Well, workmanship with good experts must also be supported by the best waterproofing products in order to provide the best quality leak-proof protection for your building.

6. Inappropriate Type of Waterproofing

The right waterproofing is the one that works best for your building needs. For that, pay attention to the type and use of each waterproofing so that it can function optimally without the risk of failure.

The selection of the type of waterproofing must be accompanied by the correct installation process to achieve the best results. Applies not only to the leak repair stage, but also from the initial process of the building being erected. These two things will determine the best waterproofing resistance.

If you have problems in choosing the right waterproofing product for your building.

To avoid leak proof failure, make sure you use waterproofing products with high quality and consult in advance regarding the use of the type that suits your needs.

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