ISMC Seen Wanting To Build A RM12 Billion Semiconductor Chip Factory In India

 Last week, we reported that the Indian government was in talks to convince companies like Intel, TSMC and Samsung to build semiconductor chip manufacturing plants in the country.

Recently, it appears that the country will showcase their first facility through investments from the International Semiconductor Consortium (ISMC) comprising Orbit Ventures from Abu Dhabi and also Tower Semiconductor from Israel.

ISMC is expected to invest around $ 3 billion or RM12 billion to build the country's largest semiconductor development plant in the Karnataka region, with a memorandum of understanding signed between the consortium and the Karnataka government.

Interestingly, Tower Semiconductor is also reported to be taken over by Intel soon, so there is a probability that the company will own part of this plant.

For now, not many details about the development of this plant are known yet, but Tower Semiconductor is specifically known for manufacturing chips such as CMOS image sensors, power management chips, non-volatile memory and so on.

Throughout the construction and also when the plant is completed, it is expected to bring in 1500 professional jobs and 10,000 job opportunities indirectly.

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