Lunar Crypto Price Destroyed, Issues Spread 8 Investors Suicide

 The Cryptocurrency market was hit by a storm of destruction, including the price of the cryptocurrency Terra (Luna) which plunged by more than 99%. Eight investors reportedly committed suicide because of it.

However, after an in-depth investigation, it turned out that the news was unfounded, aka a hoax. The information has also gone viral on social media, and one of the Twitter accounts in Pakistan became the first source to spread it, as reported by The Reporter Time, Friday (13/5/2022).

The account explains that Luna plummeted to USD 0.15 , from USD 120 in just one day. Then also includes a picture that inserts information that eight investors reportedly committed suicide because of the decline.

In reality, this horrendous incident was not real. However, there are indeed some people who claim that investors have lost all their life savings because of buying Luna.

A little information, the volatility of the Cryptocurrency market has been warned by analysts. It is estimated that this will cause a domino effect on other digital currencies.

Luna herself became a special case for now. It is one of the crypto tokens traded using the blockchain system, which is a digital storage system (data bank) and is connected to cryptography.

But unfortunately, lately Luna is trending because bad luck must befall her. Over the last five days, Luna has lost a total value of USD 25 billion.

This worries analysts even more. They are afraid that it will have an impact on other digital currencies. Even today, the value of Bitcoin is far down to just around USD 29K, down 18% over the last five days, along with Luna.

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