Oppo Find N Is The First Foldable Screen Device With Android 13

 The Oppo Find N to this day is still the device with the most sensible foldable screen. This highly efficient, practical and easy -to -operate size and design is what all manufacturers should follow.

The device also uses different hinges that can hide the crease effect so that the screen looks neat, beautiful and comfortable to use.

Most recently, the Oppo Find N has become the first device with a foldable screen to run Android 13 Beta. The Beta version that this device receives is the same version that Google released at the end of last April. It also already comes with some system apps and changes from Oppo itself.

More interestingly, Oppo uses the Google GMS system making this device can be updated to this beta version tanoa requires additional software. Only with sales of this device limited, access to this beta is also restricted to selected developers in China only.

Samsung, which already has a device with a popular foldable screen, has yet to offer Android 12L or Android 13 for their devices. Oppo’s limited sales are already starting, can Oppo compete with Samsung for a device like this?

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