Samsung Is Also Seen Wanting To Increase The Production Price Of Their Chips Soon


Yesterday we reported that TSMC is expected to further increase the manufacturing price of their processing chips due to increased material cost prices as well as the manufacturing costs of those components.

According to a Reuters report, Samsung is expected to increase the cost of manufacturing processing chips by 20 percent, with older nodes expected to show higher price increases as not many semiconductor chip makers have the equipment to manufacture the chips.

Samsung is also said to have discussed with some of their customers about this price hike, and is in talks with a number of other customers to inform them about the issue.

Just like TSMC, Samsung is seen to be facing the problem of demand exceeding supply and is looking for new locations to increase production of their semiconductor components and processing chips.

For now Samsung Electronics has yet to issue any official statement, but looking at the current state of the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry, it’s no surprise that Samsung is also seen wanting to ensure that their profits aren’t swallowed up by rising material and construction costs.

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