Tips for Buying a New HP Using Eid Bonus Money


Do you have a plan to buy a new cellphone from the bonus money given by your parents or relatives this Eid 2022? Check out the following tips so you don't regret buying.

First it is important to determine the budget before buying. Because every brand is always trying to fill the gap with a thin price difference.

Sometimes we are tempted and keep going up and eventually even exceed the budget.

Second, determine the activities you do most often on your cellphone. If you often play games, it is recommended to choose a cellphone that has the fastest chipset in the predetermined price range.

If you like making content and photos, we recommends buying a cellphone that has an advantage in the camera sector. Meanwhile, those who like to watch entertainment should consider the sound quality and features of dual stereo speakers.

If you only access social media everyday, play casual games, you don't need to buy an expensive flagship cellphone.

Mid-range cellphones are enough. The rest can be used to buy accessories or other things. Often after buying cellphones, we often add more cases, tempered glass or chargers that support fast charging.

Third how long the phone will be used. If you plan to use it for a long time, make sure the features that are brought support the technology for the future or future proof.

For example, it supports 5G or the features are complete so that it supports new technologies, such as Metaverse.

Fourth, do you work in the office or more often in the field. This is decisive in choosing HP to run out faster.

In the field, don't choose cellphones that run out quickly. Sometimes because we use a chipset that is too high but not energy efficient, it's not even enough to be used all day.

Although now there is still a power bank, but now it's a bit uncomfortable to carry it. In fact, it's better to choose a cellphone with a 6,000 mAh or 7,000 mAh battery.

Additional advice for those who work in the field more often. It is recommended to buy a waterproof cellphone, thereby reducing worries when it rains in the middle of the trip.

Fifth it is important to consider the size of RAM and internal memory. The higher the better, because there is no need to install an SD Card again.

We recommends no need to rely on the SD Card. Currently its function is only to put photos and others, but can't save the application.

If types A and B differ by Rp. 200 thousand, but RAM and storage have gone up a lot, it's better to choose the cellphone. It is important to have large internals.

Regarding 5G cellphones, it's legal to buy, especially if you're the type who rarely changes cellphones. But if the model of people changes once a year, 5G cellphones are not too important to have considering that 5G networks are not yet fully distributed .

The last and most important is the convenience of use. Just like a car, although the shape is beautiful to the eye but when used it is not comfortable, it feels useless.

In HP, the user interface or UI is very decisive. Are we comfortable or not using it.

HP is not only about the chipset, but many factors must be considered.

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