Tips for a good Eid photo using a cellphone, let's try it!


The activity of gathering together with relatives and family during Eid is a beautiful moment that must be captured. One way is to store these memories in the form of photos, especially nowadays with cellphones.

We collected information from various sources, Wednesday (4/5/2022), as tips so that users can take good photos using only their cellphones. Although not a sure way, at least it can be a reference.

Here are tips for good Eid photos using a cellphone. Don't forget to share this simple information with your friends and family.

Tips for Good Eid Photos

Even though it only relies on the power of this handheld device, it still has many advantages. In addition to the size that is comfortable to hold, because it is not as big as mirrorless and DSLR cameras, there are other useful things.

Starting from having a light weight, capable shooting combat power, easy to carry everywhere and easy access when you want to share it on social media. So you can directly choose which photos you want to use, either upload them on Instagram or WhatsApp stories.

1. Pay attention to the Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a general guideline, which you can follow, so that the position of the photo can look proportional. By displaying a grid, the smartphone screen will be divided into nine rectangular segments.

To be able to activate it, you can go to the settings menu on each cellphone. Then simply activate the Grid and Guide section.

2. Find a Stable Position

After successfully activating the Grid, the next good Eid photo tips, namely paying attention to position. Make sure the cellphone camera does not move when you are going to take pictures.

To make it easier, you can use a tool called a tripod. Where is the function, in order to make this handheld device not shake when taking shots. By combining it using the timer feature.

3. Adjust Light

When pointing the camera at an object, decide what part you want to show more. After that, adjust the light as desired.

If the background of the place that is the background is too bright, make sure to reduce the light a little. If it looks dim, then just add it.

This can be done, using the features that appear on the screen. It is usually depicted as a circle, with lines surrounding it.

4. Use HDR Mode

The next good Eid photo tip, by activating the auto High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. Usually every smartphone already has this feature.

This is useful for providing a better light combination. Because the dark and light parts, it will look balanced.

5. Brust Mode

Lastly, take advantage of the Brust mode. By leveraging its advantages, you can take pictures, more than one at a time, without pressing the photo button repeatedly.

The method is also very easy, which is available directly on the smartphone screen when it enters the camera. Then simply press the shutter button longer as needed.

Later automatically, you can get more than one photo. The final step, simply choose the best.

That's a good Eid photo tips. Simple isn't it? Good luck and hopefully useful.

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