KFC Singapore Begins Recycle Program of Food Packages Into Steel

 “Tasty to the point of licking fingers” is the motto KFC has used for a long time. After your finger has been licked, don't forget to throw the KFC food package into the trash can. Normally this would eventually go to a release center but KFC Singapore started a pilot project of re-circulating packages to steel in just 24 hours.

The packages are made of paper and bio-plastic materials using corn and sugar cane as the basic ingredients. It is produced by local firm TRIA and it still looks like a regular food parcel. The packaged waste is then collected and turned into steel within 24 hours before being used for agricultural purposes in Singapore.

The pilot project will involve a restaurant in Singapore first for a period of six months to see if it works. As a small country with a limited amount of land, dumping waste like what was done in Malaysia is not an option that the Singapore government should take. Therefore, various recirculating techniques that are more sustainable have been used.

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