The sin of congregation of Nokia bosses who refuse to use Android ends in fatal

 There are still various stories about the collapse of Nokia mobile phones in the past, from the previous very powerful. The insistence of Nokia bosses to use Windows Phone instead of Android led to failure.

Here are some words from the Nokia boss who insisted on not wanting to use Android in the past, as compiled by us from various sources, Friday (17/6/2022):

"It's enough for Symbian to compete with OS like iPhone and Android. MeeGo takes a clear goal in the realm of mobile computers. So there are no plans to introduce an Android device from Nokia," said former Nokia Chairman Anssi Vanjoki and former Mobile Solutions Chief Nokia in 2010. .

"This phone (Nokia Windows Phone) is a smartphone for consumers but also great for business. Its email and Office applications are better than similar applications on Android and iPhone. So everything I wanted was there (Windows Phone). It's easier, faster and more fun," said former Executive Vice President of Smart Devices Nokia, Jo Harlow in 2011.

"There is an opportunity to create a third ecosystem. And this will be our capital to move forward. With Microsoft and Windows Phone, Nokia has the opportunity to make their own names and devices instead of having to follow the rules of Android," said former Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop in 2012 .

"We're not in a situation where we're considering anything other than Windows Phone combined with what we've been working on with Asha (Nokia's budget phones of the past)," said former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in 2013.

"We came to Microsoft to be able to provide a third alternative for operators after Android and iOS. With a variety of choices for operators, it will also put pressure on Samsung and Apple," said former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop in 2013.

"We have amazing technology that needs to be shown to consumers. If we had just 15 minutes to show the Lumia's capabilities, other cellphone users could switch. Some say using Windows Phone is difficult. There may be an impression that using platforms other than Android is difficult. I can prove otherwise," said former Nokia Executive Vice President Sales Chris Weber in 2013.

As is known, Nokia's hopes for Windows Phone phones to explode and become an alternative to the iPhone and Android have failed to come true. Even Nokia's mobile phone business had to be sold to Microsoft in 2014.

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