TM : Weak Unifi Internet Access Problems May Be Due to Indoor Installation Patterns


Telekom Malaysia now says that the problem of poor internet access that Unifi users often experience at home, most likely has nothing to do with the quality of the WiFi network, but instead is due to the installation or set-up of the Unifi service in the home.

This is because, the installation may be in a location where there is a WiFi dead zone due to the layout of the house, or the number of connected devices.

TM also said that in order to improve the WiFi experience at home, customers need to place the router in a part that is often used - for example in the living room or office.

In addition, users are also advised not to place the router in a closed room or near reflective or metal surfaces. The router should also, if possible, not be placed near devices that produce electromagnetic interference such as cordless phones, ovens, etc.

Overlapping broadband equipment can also cause the router to heat up, and be less efficient.

In addition to those steps, users can also get WiFi mesh if the room is large or in a two-story house.

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