Study Finds The "Dislike" And "Not Interested" Buttons Don't Work So Well On YouTube


On YouTube, the Dislike and Not Interested buttons should inform the site that the recommended video does not meet the audience's taste. With this information a video that is more compatible with the soul will be recommended. But a study from Mozilla found that these two buttons simply do not work as they should.

The study consisted of 22,722 participants who shared their YouTube usage feedback from December 2021 to June 2022. During this period a total of 567,880,195 videos were recommended by YouTube to participants. This shared data is then processed with the help of the University of Exeter to see if the users of the two buttons mentioned earlier are effective.

But YouTube was found to be still recommending videos that are not liked and have been marked not to be recommended. Participants feel that the system used by YouTube is not effective in giving them control when using the site.

We've felt for a long time that YouTube's video recommendation system is getting better and better and this report just confirms what we've felt for a long time.

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