TikTok Now Now In Malaysia – Share Random Videos And Photos At Certain Times


 BeReal is a new social media platform that is currently trending. It's trying to be something different, where users can't just share videos or photos at will. Instead, have to wait for random notifications and will be given a limited time to share special moments that are happening.

Last month, Instagram also started testing this feature through the IG Candid Challenge. Now it's TikTok's turn to offer more or less the same features. But for TikTok, they come with a special application called TikTok Now and Malaysia is one of the first countries that can use it.

With TikTok Now, users can share special moments in the form of 10-second videos or photos simultaneously with friends. Users will be given three minutes to share something using the selfie camera and rear camera. Sharing also cannot be done at will, instead you have to wait for random notifications given by the application. After the content is published, in the application on the profile there will be a display like a calendar to look back at the past moments that have been shared before.

The application is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone users and also on the Google Play Store for Android users. The app is free to use and for those who want to try a different social media platform than usual, this might be interesting for you.