Intel On Demand Unlocks Functionality For Data Center Class CPUs


With the recent launch of Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids processing chips, Intel has also introduced a new service called Intel On Demand where customers can buy Xeon processing chips at a cheaper price with unused functions locked until paid for.

One of the problems that many companies often face is that they only want to use some of the features offered on a data center processing chip.

With the introduction of Intel On Demand, they can buy a SKU of the same processing chip with unused features locked in at a cheaper price than buying the same processing chip at a much more expensive price, but with functions that may not be utilized.

Intel says that features such as Quick Assist, Dynamic Load Balancer, Data Streaming Accelerator, Software Guard Extensions and In-Memory Analytics Accelerator will be included in the Intel On Demand service.

If there are additional functions they want to use, these companies can also pay Intel to unlock them through software updates.

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