Microsoft's Purchase of Activision Blizzard May Be Blocked By FTC


Microsoft's announcement that it wants to buy Activision Blizzard shocked the video game world as the company holds many popular IPs such as Call of Duty and Diablo. Much opposition has been voiced by companies like Sony who say it might create a monopoly that hurts consumers who don't want to use Microsoft's ecosystem.

This morning reports emerged that the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will file a lawsuit in court to prevent the takeover from continuing. According to sources from the FTC's point of view, if Microsoft is allowed to take over Activision Blizzard, it will give Microsoft an unfair advantage in the video game arena which is currently bitter between them with Sony and Nintendo.

After the announcement, Microsoft promised to continue offering popular games like Call of Duty on Sony consoles. At the same time the new The Elder Scrolls series is now exclusive on PC and Xbox making the promises made seem empty.

The manufacturer's action of limiting games to only one platform is detrimental to video game players because not many can afford to buy all three Xbox, PlayStation and Switch just to enjoy a certain series of games.

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