Twitter Blue Can't Subscribe New Accounts Under 90 Days

 Twitter Blue is believed to be offered again to users of this social media site on November 29. It was temporarily suspended after Twitter had a serious problem with impersonating official accounts. Now according to a report by The Verge, new accounts that are less than 90 days old will not be allowed to subscribe.

This is one of the security measures taken to prevent fake accounts from being created quickly complete with disguised identity verification. Twitter Blue accounts will also lose this smear when the name is changed, it will only be displayed again after Twitter performs an identity check.

Twitter Blue's offering is seen as one of Elon Musk's ways to increase the company's revenue. All this may not be useful if the company has to close in the near future. In the past 24 hours more than 75% of Twitter employees have refused to sign a pledge to work hard if they want to stay working under Musk.

Because of this, Twitter's offices are closed again with unconfirmed reports saying the company now has only a few hundred employees left.

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