Tesla Engineer Says Autopilot Video In 2016 Is Fake



In 2016, Tesla released a video showing the capabilities of their self-driving technology called Tesla Autopilot.

The video shows the Tesla vehicle's ability to stop and move without the need for driver input at road junctions, and is smart enough to see the surrounding conditions, including the number of vehicles on the road and even the state of traffic lights while driving.

Tesla is currently in court due to an accident related to the Autopilot self-driving technology that caused the death of Apple engineer Walter Huang in 2018.

Recently, it has been reported that Tesla Autopilot Director Ashok Elluswamy has given a statement in court saying that the video released in 2016 is actually fake.

The video, which can still be viewed on Tesla's website, shows a Tesla Model X being driven without any input from the driver. It was reported at the time, Autopilot technology was not yet fully developed, and all self-driving features shown were hypothetical.

In fact, the Tesla vehicles developed later showed a reduction in terms of sensors and cameras supplied, which was also questioned by various parties because it was seen as a downgrading of the vehicle's safety level.