New Zealand Bans TikTok On MPs' Devices

One by one the stairs fell on top of TikTok. After the UK banned the installation of this application on work devices owned by public servants, New Zealand followed suit with plans to ban TikTok on devices used by members of parliament.

The action was taken after taking into account recommendations by the security team as well as looking at what their allies the UK and USA have been doing in recent times. The application must be uninstalled by the member of parliament before March 31, which is the date this directive will be enforced.

New Zealand is an ally of the UK and US under the 5 Eyes secret information sharing agreement. With TikTok accused of collecting user data and allegedly posing a security risk, a ban on official use work devices was introduced. Until now TikTok has repeatedly denied any accusations that they are spying on behalf of China.

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