JAKIM : The use of face masks during Aidilfitri prayers is encouraged in line with the current SOP


 JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) is now sharing about the use of face masks for pilgrims who perform Aidilfitri prayers in mosques or suraus - where it is strongly encouraged.

This is in line with the Transition to Endemic Phase SOP that is in effect now, encouraging the use of face masks when in crowded and congested areas.

JAKIM also advises the public to take precautionary measures and be careful with self-control if they are in crowded areas - including mosques and suraus.

This partnership comes after there has been a slight increase recently involving Covid-19 cases. The Minister of Health is ready to state that the people do not need to panic, and encourages individuals with symptoms to do a Covid-19 screening test and wear a face mask, especially on Eid.