Did Small YouTubers WIN This Monetization Update?



The landscape of YouTube has witnessed a significant shift in recent years, with creators of all sizes striving to make a name for themselves on the platform. One crucial aspect that has always captivated the attention of content creators is the monetization update. YouTube's monetization policies have undergone numerous changes, aiming to strike a balance between supporting small creators and maintaining quality content on the platform. In this blog post, we delve into the latest monetization update and explore whether small YouTubers emerged as winners or faced new challenges in the process.

The Monetization Update:

YouTube's monetization update, rolled out in recent months, introduced several modifications to the eligibility criteria for monetizing channels. Previously, creators needed to fulfill the requirements of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months to be eligible for monetization. However, the new update brought forth a significant alteration: the watch hours requirement was reduced from 4,000 to 1,000, while the subscriber count remained unchanged.

The Implications for Small YouTubers:

The revised monetization criteria seemingly present a favorable scenario for small YouTubers. With the watch hours requirement now significantly reduced, creators who consistently produce engaging content have a greater chance of qualifying for monetization. This change allows for quicker access to revenue generation, providing motivation and a sense of progress to aspiring content creators.

Benefits for Small YouTubers:

Increased Motivation: The updated monetization policy serves as a catalyst for small YouTubers, instilling a renewed sense of motivation to grow their channels. The lowered watch hours requirement allows them to monetize their content sooner, which can be highly encouraging.

Enhanced Revenue Potential: Earlier access to monetization means that small creators can start earning revenue at an earlier stage in their YouTube journey. This financial boost can help cover production costs, invest in better equipment, or even serve as an additional income stream.

Channel Growth Opportunities: Monetization often goes hand in hand with increased exposure and visibility on the platform. With the potential to earn revenue, small YouTubers can reinvest their earnings into promoting their content, running ads, or collaborating with other creators. This opens up new avenues for growth and enables them to reach a wider audience.

Challenges Faced by Small YouTubers:

While the updated monetization criteria appear advantageous, small YouTubers still encounter challenges along their journey to success. The subscriber count requirement of 1,000 remains a hurdle for many aspiring creators. Gaining a substantial subscriber base demands consistent effort and dedication, and it can be a daunting task for those just starting out.

Moreover, even with monetization enabled, small creators often find it challenging to generate substantial revenue. YouTube's monetization relies heavily on factors such as ad revenue, channel memberships, and Super Chat contributions, all of which depend on viewership and engagement. Building a loyal fan base and consistently creating high-quality content is crucial to unlocking the true revenue potential.


The latest monetization update introduced by YouTube undeniably presents an opportunity for small YouTubers to benefit from earlier monetization. With the reduction in watch hours required, creators can start earning revenue sooner, enhancing their motivation and channel growth potential. However, challenges remain, particularly in meeting the subscriber count requirement and generating substantial revenue.

Ultimately, success on YouTube hinges on a combination of factors, including consistency, quality content, audience engagement, and adaptability. While the monetization update provides a more accessible path for small creators to earn from their content, the journey to becoming a successful YouTuber still demands persistence, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to producing outstanding videos.