Due to running out of storage on the computer, production at the Toyota factory has stopped


 Honda once had to stop production of their cars in Japan after falling victim to ransomware by hackers. At the end of last month, Toyota also experienced the same issue, which led to speculation that they may also be victims of hackers.

Toyota confirmed that vehicle production at their 14 factories in Japan was halted due to computer problems on August 28. The browser that controls component management stops after running out of storage to store data. This issue was immediately resolved the next day by transferring the data to a browser with larger storage. Even so it caused vehicle production for 1/3 of their factories to be disrupted.

The computer system in the Toyota factory ensures that just enough components are kept in their factory. With this, there is no issue of excess components or a large space to store them will not occur while reducing waste.

So if after this you face the issue of suddenly not having enough storage space on your smartphone or computer you don't have to feel ashamed because Toyota made the same mistake.